Can you Over-Insert Glock Magazines?

As a gun owner, you probably hear many myths concerning the weapon, using it, etc. One of the common myths many people hear is that you can over-insert the glock magazines and cause permanent damage to the weapon. So, now you know it is a myth and there isn’t any risk of you over-inserting the magazine, giving you peace of mind.

What is Over-Inserting a Magazine?

What does it mean to over-insert the magazine? A good example would be using a magazine for a 17 in a 19 would be considered over-insertion. But, the worry should be non-existent because you aren’t going to over-insert the magazine.

Get to Know Your Weapon

It helps to understand the Glock platform and the design to feel more comfortable with the Glock. This eliminates any future misunderstanding with the Glock and how it operates. You will notice that all Glocks and frames have shelves built into the left side of the magazine and in the magazine itself. These shelves ensure that the magazine isn’t over-inserted.

The Force that it Takes To Over-Insert a Glock

You would need to use an incredible amount of power and force to break through the polymers that are inside the Glock vertical to one another to break the Glock or to over-insert the magazine and cause further damage to the weapon. It is not possible for a human to exert the amount of strength that would be necessary to do this.

No Worries

So, there might be a few worries that you have as the owner of a high powered Glock handgun, but over-inserting the magazine is not one of the things to worry about. As you note from the information above, over-inserting the magazine into the Glock isn’t possible, at least by human force.