Even the ancient mariner could have had use of some spare parts

Granted, back in the day, the ancient mariner’s boat would have been made mostly from wood. But that is beside the point. A wood crafted boat still needs and has its parts. The ancient mariner could also have helped his cause with a few extra crew hands. Today, there are no more ancient mariners at sea. Not for many nautical miles. But fortunately, navigating the ancient seas is not a dying art. There are still quite a few old sea salts about plying their trade at sea. And the ones who usually last the longest, some of them for well over fifty years usually have their replacement marine parts close by.

So, those of you who are thinking about venturing out to sea or on the lake had better also think seriously about getting all your ducks in a row. Because what will happen when your seafaring vessel or lake craft runs into troubled waters. What can you do when critical engine parts sputter to a halt in the middle of no-where? And do you have necessary nautical engineering skills to carry out the repairs yourself?

Regarding preparedness and acting responsibly, you get the point. You need to qualify yourself first as a sea captain. You must be officially cleared to pilot a vessel at sea. Some countries have similar rules that apply to their lakes. Ideally, the larger your craft, and if it is being commercially driven, you should have a qualified engineer or mechanic on deck. Where disastrous accidents have occurred in the past, you usually found that those areas had no proper rules to speak of. As for the condition of their rust buckets, let’s not even go there.